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Hand Painted Mandala Stone - Purple

Debra Adams

Regular price $22.00 Sale

This stone comes with a card "the Magic of Mandalas"

"Mandalas are constructed from the center outward beginning with a dot in the center. The center dot is a symbol. It means a seed or starting point. The pattern within the mandala is usually balanced and harmonized with dots. Circles and other shapes which all share the same center. It is a symbol of how we are part of a wider universe..."

Place the stone nearby for inspiration reflection and inner peace or just eye-pleasing decoration. Some great spots are on your window sill desk nightstand or dresser. Combine a few in a bowl to brighten your day or spark up some conversation and use it as a napkin weight at your next cookout! Give one as a special keepsake to celebrate a friendship appreciation personal achievement loving memory or a special day.

Just looking at a mandala its pattern and colors can soothe a soul relieve stress and calm your day. The painted dots create a raised 3D effect which many find comforting and soothing. The stone brings stability longevity strength & permanence.

stone sizes range between 2" - 3".

Created by Deb Adams in her studio  North Attleboro MA


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