Wide Leather Cuff with Rcycled Fused Glass


Carolina Portillo

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The leather is cut, glued, and stitched for durability. The band is real leather 2'' wide. The cuff is adjustable with 2 double snaps at approx 6.8'' and 7.5''. One size fits most. The glass bead is made of 3 layers of recycled fused glass. The glass is cut colored and painted. Then fired in a kiln to fuse and become a one of a kind Creation. The bubbles are spontaneous and occur during the fusing process making each piece unique. The glass bead is approx 2.2 inches long and 0.9'' wide. All pieces are created by hand. They are each one-of-a-kind and no two look exactly alike. These are small-batch productions of the items displayed in the photos. Please keep this in mind when you receive the item! Bubbles may vary.

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