The Benefits of Bamboo Clothing for You & the Planet

Benefits of Bamboo Clothing for You & the Planet

These days, eco-conscious individuals are always on the lookout for more planet-friendly products. It was only a matter of time then, before clothing manufacturers caught on to this thread and began producing their products in a manner more amenable to Mother Earth.  The use of bamboo fibers in T-Shirts and other clothing was a great step in the direction of lessening our footprint on the environment. This versatile material can help save the planet while being highly functional and fashionable!

6 Reasons You Will Love Uni-T Bamboo T-Shirts

Bamboo clothing materials are some of the most eco-friendly fabric options available today. At Uni-T, this fiber holds a special place in our heart and is well woven within the fabric of our business philosophy and T-shirts! We think eco-friendly is sexy, and here’s why!

  • It’s one of the softest fabrics on the planet with a great feel
  • Has antibacterial properties that ensure you smell fresh and remains odor-free
  • It insulates very well, keeping you cool on warm days and warm on cooler ones
  • Has superb heat evaporation and sweat absorption to help you keep you dry
  • Its hypoallergenic nature ensures it won’t irritate your skin regardless of whether or not you have skin sensitivity
  • It has UV-protection to minimize the sunlight hitting your skin

    There’s more, but these are our faves!!!!

    Our Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand

    Our love and use of bamboo & organic cotton blend fabric here at Uni-T is not based solely on style and texture benefits. More importantly, we have chosen to align with the segment of the clothing industry genuinely concerned with saving our planet. In our bid to use and promote environmentally friendly products, bamboo clothing more than fits the bill. When Eujin, Founder and Creative Designer of the Unit-T T-Shirts brand started off in 2010, her major concern was to find and develop a long-term partnership with a socially-responsible manufacturer. This emphasis on finding high quality T-Shirts that are stylish and eco-friendly eventually paid off. Our current partner manufactures these ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified eco-friendly T-Shirts outside a beautiful mountain city in China where all 20 workers live happily with their kids and family. The average commute is measured in minutes and workers can easily go home for lunch and see their kids. Beyond the slight difficulties of the manufacturing process, which we’ll address next, bamboo clothing has a lot of eco-friendly advantages.

    • This hardy fiver is grown naturally, without the need for irrigation
    • It requires no harsh chemicals such as pesticides
    • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant and regenerates quickly
    • Bamboo improves both soil and air quality
    • Our T-shirts have been certified by OEKO-TEX, an independent textile standard certification, as easily biodegradable.
    • They are blended with certified organic cotton

    Challenges of Bamboo Clothing as an Eco-Friendly Fabric

    Nevertheless, there are still challenges facing the eco-friendly clothing industry and bamboo clothing, and even organic cotton clothing isn’t exempted from these. While not denying the vast benefits and advantages of bamboo over less eco-friendly clothing materials, we’re hoping these challenges will be solved in coming years.

    • Bamboo still needs a chemical to break down fibers during the manufacturing process. Although our Uni-T Shirts are made with the best-graded chemical available for this process, this application still means it’s not completely eco-friendly
    • Our manufacturer contributes to the Carbonfree® Partner program to help offset the emissions from the overseas journey of our shirts
    • The production process still uses non-plant-based dyes

    These challenges are particular to the eco-friendly clothing industry as a whole and we are hoping solutions will show up over time. But we believe these shirts represent the most eco-friendly option available today.

    Where We Stand

    Bamboo Clothing - Uni-T Coupled with ethical manufacturing process, our work here at Uni-T to ensure best practices in environmental stewardship are adhered to. All our designs are hand-printed with non-toxic water-based ink, and shirts are shipped in biodegradable packaging. This ethic played a big role in our evolution from a craft-fair merchant to a creative and well-loved T-Shirts designer in Natick Mall, Massachusetts. In addition to our collection of bamboo fabric Uni-T-shirts, we also offer a host of other creative gift-worthy items to express your inner genius and creativity. We hope to see you soon!…




    Written by Christabel Mansell


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