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T-shirt Maker

T-shirt Maker

Uni-T is a woman owned T-shirt brand based in Boston area. The founder, Eujin started in her home studio, as way to express her art and messages. She wanted to sort of give people validation to enjoy some great things in life they might otherwise overlook, like dancing, gardening, bike riding, etc. That’s how these shirts were born – as a kind of wearable reminder of what’s valuable to us as human beings. Uni-T is a portrayal of our life seeking happiness and meanings, which sometimes can get lost in this busy world. Eujin embellished each shirt with a  complementary artistic design, learning the processes of printing and selling as she went, starting at local farmers markets and building up from there. 

Gift Shop

Uni-T is an combined art gallery, T-shirt and gift shop. Eujin Kim Neilan opened our store where in addition to her own illustrated children’s books, hand-printed T-shirts and other personal creations, We also sell the works of many other local artists. We stock locally created products, and “shop small and local” is an important theme for Uni-T. We are proud and honored to represent so many talented local artists at Uni-T. As part of local and eco-friendly ethic, our shop is furnished with found and reclaimed treasures.

If you are a advocate of locally made unique products and eco-friendly atmosphere you should definitely visit our store to find out why our customers are raving about us!

Unique Gift Shop Near Boston, Massachusetts

Uni-T is curated with an eye towards artistry and well-being. The shop is infused with locally handmade pieces honoring art, healthy living and an eco-friendly environment

Uni-T artists are our neighbors and friends, working hard to satisfy and express their own special artistic personas. In their busy lives, they find time to exercise their creative mind and muscle, and they truly add colors and texture to our worlds. Work is what enables us to make a living, and great art is one of the things that make life worth living. If you are an advocate of locally made, unique products and love to visit craft fairs, you should definitely visit our store. We have carefully curated the best of the best makers’ work in the area.


Eujin Kim Neilan, the owner of Uni-T

Founder : Eujin Kim Neilan

"I am an artist, illustrator, and highly energized entrepreneur who founded and runs Uni-T. Uni-T is a T-shirt brand that I started with $800.00 investment in my home studio. I received a MFA degree in illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and published 6 children’s books. I have earned many awards and recognitions as a visual artist/illustrator..."


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