What’s Uni-T Affiliates?

This program creates a mutually beneficial partnership between Uni-T and any other like-minded creative business. Most businesses see the value of brand recognition and promotion, yet are uncertain about how to go about it. Now it’s easy and even immediately profitable to have staff and customers wear your message and values on their sleeves. These are no stiff, off-the-shelf shirts. Rather, they’re silky soft, luxurious and attractive tees, ones your people are going to want to give as gifts and wear out in the world! We stock, we print and we ship your logo or message on our T-shirts to your customers with your hang tag.

Why Uni-T?

There are so many reasons why our customers love our T-shirts and why we think your customers will too!

•   made from rain-fed bamboo and organic cotton

•   hand-printed with earth-friendly, water-based inks

•   sustainable fibers combined with socially-responsible manufacturing

•   customers can customize by size, style and color

•   hand printed, cared for and packaged by the owner and Uni-T staff

•   shirts are super-comfy, super soft with a great fit

•   pre-washed to eliminate shrinkage

•   our retail store is conveniently located in the Natick Mall for store pick up

Who is eligible?

We are looking to partner with like minded-businesses. We think your business advocates creativity, an eco-friendly environment and/or healthy living. We would love to work with you and this offer is by invitation only. We are happy to share our success with your business. However, we are not a screen printing company and this partnership has to be based on mutual promotional benefits. If your sole purpose is for launching your own t-shirt brand this partnership may not be the best option for you.

What T-shirts can we sell? 

You may choose one or both of following

•   Your business logo and/or your design T-shirts

•   Our own Uni-T shirt designs

How do we sell?

1. Sell Online

You can sell on your e-commerce website and/or through your social medias and email blast using your link. We’re happy to list your link under "Uni-T Affiliates" on our website so that your business will be exposed to our customers as well. We ask you to include "Uni-T Affiliated" or "Hand-printed by Uni-T" with proper link on every listing.

You receive the order, and we stock, we print, we ship. Our suggested retail price is  $29.00 for short sleeve tee. You need to charge shipping from your customers and pay us or send us PDF shipping label. Shipping is $4.00 for the first shirt and $2.00 for each additional. You will earn 30% of every sale. For examples, your profit is $8.70 for one $29.00 T-shirt sale. This option has less profit margin than option #2 but it is risk and hassle free because you do not need to deal with your own inventory and shipping & handling.

2. Sell Brick & Mortar

This is wholesale price for your brick & mortar. After our partnership gets established this quantity pricing may change so that you can save more profit to yourself. This option has better profit margin for you than option #1 but you need to stock the inventory and shipping and handling is on you.

  • Your business logo and/or your design T-shirts

    • 1-5 : $22.00 (your profit : $7.00)

    • 6-16 : $17.25 (your profit : $11.75)

    • 17 & more : $14.50 (your profit : $14.50)

  • Our own Uni-T shirt designs

    • 12 & more : $14.50 (your profit : ($14.50)

We don't have e-commerce website. Is that a problem?

No problem!  If your website is not set up to accept online transactions or if you prefer not to, we are glad to provide our link at no extra cost and no transaction fee. Here’s an example of your link : Please send us your words and photos, and we will be glad to set it up for you.

Is there any up front fee?

There’s a $99.00 set up fee for each of your design. This cover labor and material to create a screen, and set up takes about 5-7 days. This fee is per screen so please make sure to give us the final designs. Once the screen is made you can not change that. Also, this fee does not include our designs or design consulting. Before we agree to go further in details we do need to see your designs in JPEG with high resolution. Our own Uni-T t-shirt designs require no up-front fee. 

Can we do multi color image?

Unfortunately, we offer single color printing only at this time. This is done to minimize the amount of ink and water used and its effect on our environment.

What kind of styles, colors and sizes do you offer?

Your customers can customize just like our customers! We have a large selection of colors of shirts, and a great color variety of inks for you to mix and match! All of the colors can be viewed in the photos on this website, as well as the ink color choices. Your t-shirt can be ready in 5-7 days, and can conveniently be picked up at our store in Natick, MA, or shipped to your customers nationwide.

Men's Bamboo & Organic Cotton Tee : XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Women's Bamboo & Organic Cotton Tee : XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

Our T-shirt comes with Uni-T tag-less tag.

Would our customers like Uni-T shirts?

We would like to say "Absolutely!" but we know all business say that so we think you should click here to read our 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rated reviews.

What do you use for payments?

All transactions between both parties will be sent by Square Cash. We prefer this because of easy set up and prompt funds transfer. Please visit here for more information. We ship out every order after you make a payment to us. 

Why Bamboo & Organic Cotton?

Sustainable - We took great effort to find a shirt that we would feel comfortable selling to the world without causing damage to our beautiful Earth. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and doesn't need insecticides, pesticides, or a complex watering system to grow. It just needs sunlight and rainwater, which it turns into a whole bunch of oxygen - much more than your average tree. And organic cotton is grown using old-school techniques and methods. There are no herbicides or any other chemicals used in the growth of organic cotton, and it's normally rain-fed.

Socially Responsible Manufaturing - These T-shirts are made in overseas. Overseas factories are third party audited using the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) monitoring system, which is based on the labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). You can read more about the BSCI at

We wish to say yes in the near future but for now we will say bamboo fabric is not perfect. The current problem is that that caustic soda is used to break down bamboo fiber in order to make bamboo yarn. Caustic soda, while not good, is one of the most widely used chemicals in the world. It is used in the production of most cotton fabrics, including organic cotton, during wet processing. Caustic soda is approved for use on textiles under the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) But still... we're not happy that it's necessary to use chemicals in production. We hope and believe the process will evolve and improve soon!

What is the contract term?

Our contract term is 6 months. However, early termination can be possible if any of these following occur.

  • If Affiliate fails to make a payment and neglect the orders

  • If Uni-T fails to deliver orders without providing ethical reasons

  • If any of above content was not fulfilled

What is your return & exchange policy?

You can set your own return & exchange policy between you and your customers although we can not accept the return & exchange on Affiliate's designs. However we are willing to negotiate the price.

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