Artist Submission

Artist Submission

Uni-T is always open to new creative local talents to be on board with us. Please fill out the form below, and we will reach out to you if your work would fit into our shop. Additional photos of your work can be sent to the shop owner at

Please note that we do not judge your work and do not feel discouraged if you don't hear from us. The reasons you may not hear from us are

  1. Your work doesn't quite fit into our style
  2. We may already host an artist that are similar to your work
  3. We are overstocked

However, this may all change in later, and that is why we strongly encourage to fill out the form below. Sometimes we reach out several months later. We apologize in advance that we can not respond to every submission due to volumes of applicants.


How it works

Once you receive an invitation from us, the initial meeting will be at Uni-T with the owner who will go through your available inventory you bring and pick the ones may do well at Uni-T. We encourage you to bring your best sellers.

Our partnership with local artists and artisans is based on 50:50 consignment for in store inventory, 40:60 for custom orders.

We send out monthly "Consignment Report" only if we sold your item.

Means of payment to you is through Square Cash


What does our artists saying about us?

“I couldn’t ask for a more perfect shop to sell my eco-friendly handmade Beryllina jewelry. Uni-T is lush with earth-friendly tees, locally made crafts, and positive oasis of creativity and individuality in a shopping mall!”
— Laurie Lynn Berezin
I have had a very positive and educational experience working with Eujin. From day one, Eujin has been very approachable and willing to give suggestions to increase the sales of my product. I would not be as successful as I am now without the support and opportunity Eujin has provided
— Amy Vulfovich

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