Organic Kids’ T-Shirts

Organic Cotton

Uni-T carries organic kids' T-shirts. Organic cotton is GMO-free, grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and chemical defoliants. The processing uses less resources and is free of heavy metal dyes and harsh chemicals. The end product is a sustainable, comfortable shirt that did not pollute the planet and is safe for you to wear! 

Fair Trade

It recognizes the power of a world marketplace to alleviate global poverty. By working to generate awareness and garner support from the ethical consumer, it harnesses purchasing power to cause positive change. Support fair trade with your purchases and spread the word about our fair trade certified organic cotton.


Our organic cotton kids' T-shirts are not flimsy or cheaply constructed! Premium stitching, classic styling and superior quality make an attractive, durable product that has a lower eco-impact over its lifespan. We believe that quality and durability are a measure of environmental friendliness. They will be loved and worn longer


All imagined, drawn and hand-printed by award winning Children's book illustrator and our founder Eujin Kim Neilan. Uni-T designs are a portrayal of Eujin's life seeking happiness and meanings, which sometimes can get lost in this busy world. Each T-shirt comes out unique with Eujin's love and care to deliver them to you! Shop Uni-T organic kids’ T-shirts today.

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