Dropshipping Partnership Agreement

What is Drop Shipping

We list and receive orders of a selection of your products on our website and you ship to our customers directly with a Uni-T business card and mailing label.



We ask you to provide the following:

  • Your product photos & descriptions to be used on our website http://www.shopuni-t.com. We will either download directly from your website or ask you to provide additional photos. You retain all rights.
  • Name of the main maker or designer. We would like to show off to the customers how each items are made by real person.
  • Name of the town your studio is located (optional). We would like to emphasis the fact each items are created in New England. (e.g. Eujin created your T-shirt in Natick, Massachusetts)
  • Processing time of your products. This is the time frame you need from receiving an order to shipping it out. Once you give us your processing time, you agree to adhere to this time frame and inform us promptly if you are unable to fulfill the order in time.
  • Inventory level of each item.
  • The suggested retail price of each item. This should match with the price on your website.
  • Weight and dimension of each packaged item. We will create shipping labels based on this information
  • Additional information on products such as care instructions, personal significance, methods...
  • NOTE : Partnering in dropshipping isn't necessarily ending or replacing the wholesale relationship for our brick & mortar shop.



  • 30/70 split based on your retail price. For example, for an item that retails for $15.00, you receive $10.50 and we receive $4.50.

  • Uni-T has the right to change the price of your product within our website. However, the split will remain at 30/70 of your retail price.

  • We offer a generous 30/70 split to cover your packaging and handling costs. No extra dropshipping charges will apply.



  • We will send you an email notification with a shipping label once an order for your product is received.

  • Please reply to confirm your receipt of the notification.

  • Reply a second time when you are ready to ship.


  • Customers will pay for shipping.

  • We will create shipping labels and email you PDF labels.

  • You print out and ship it out. 

  • Let us know in advance what weight and dimension of packaged products are for each product.

  • We strongly advise you minimize your mark up on your shipping charges and use USPS First Class if the product is under 16 oz. Our low 30/70 split is designed so that we can provide our customers with reasonable shipping charges.

  • We ask you not to include any additional promotional tags or cards that contains your website, logo and/or your company name. Just the purchased products and our promotional card (See photos above). 



  • You will get paid as you reply us the second email.
  • All payments will be sent by Square Cash. We prefer this because of easy set up and prompt funds transfer. Square Cash is a lot like PayPal, you can choose to link it to either a debit card or credit card. You can set it up as a personal or business account. The personal account is free receiving payment and the business account takes out 2.75%. That option is up to you. 
  • Please visit cash.me for more information. Provide us with your "Cash Tag" (e.g $shopUniT) associated with the account.
  • Here are some helpful links to get started.

  • If a different form of payment is required (such as Paypal) we can negotiate this.



Please submit your return policy below.


Contract Term

One year from the date you sign below. It will auto-renew annually until cancelled by you in writing. Once you sign this form you will be contacted by the owner or our dropshipping manager to discuss details.

If you have further questions please email dropshipping@shopUni-T.com.

Thank you and looking forward to partnering with you!